May 27, 2020


Hello, their food lovers! What would come in your mind when you hear the word Japanese dishes? You must be instantly thinking about Ramen, Sushi, Yakiniku, and many more popular Japanese food. But those dishes are not what I’m going to talk about, because you can simply find them in your cities nowadays. Instead, I’m going to talk about several Japanese dishes that are sold at very expensive prices and rarely to be found.

All this time you guys must be only familiar with those dishes mentioned above. While not knowing that besides those dishes there are a lot of more Japanese dishes out there. Let’s explore them together. These are the 4 unique Japanese dishes that have ever been sold at a very high price.


  1. Yubari Melon


In Indonesia, melons are sold around 10.000 – 15.000 Indonesian rupiah per piece. Different from this first Japanese dish call Yubari Melon. In Japan, this kind of melon is sold at 336 million Indonesian rupiah per two pieces. Now that’s insane. Are you willing to try Yubari Melon? If yes then maybe you should start saving your money from now.

You must be curious about what makes Yubari Melon so expensive. Let me tell you. Yubari Melon is sold at a very high price because that taste is sweeter than other kinds of melons out there. It is also seen by the quality of the melon’s shape. If the shape is perfectly round then its quality is way better.


  1. Matsutake Mushroom


Japanese people love eating mushrooms such as Shitake and Enoki. Even though these two mushrooms are more popular than Matsutake mushrooms, Matsutake is way expensive than Shitake and Enoki mushrooms.

Matsutake mushroom was popular in the 80’s until the 90’s in Japan, but because of the difficulty to find a land that fits this mushroom the production then decreased. When harvesting the mushrooms, the result doesn’t reach to 1 ton affected by the seasons. Which makes Matsutake mushroom rare to be found.

Because Matsutake mushroom can’t be planted in any kind of condition. The prices of the mushroom can reach 28 million Indonesian rupiah per kilogram. What a fantastic price for a mushroom right?


  1. Toro


The third most expensive dish from Japan is called Toro. Toro is made out of tuna fish but only taken from the fish fat of the tuna. Most people are familiar with tuna fish served as sushi. This dish uses a specific tuna which is the bluefin tuna and is sold according to the tuna’s quality.

Toro that has the most good quality is called Otoro, taken from the below part of a tuna fish, near its head. Meanwhile, Toro with low quality is called Chutoro, taken from the tuna’s stomach and the back of the tuna, the price of these dishes is more than 300 million Indonesian rupiah per dish. How can you imagine that food lovers?


  1. Wagyu Meat


Last but not least, I introduce you to the most exclusive meat in the world from Japan. This last dish is very popular in every Japanese restaurant today. There are a lot of people from various backgrounds interested in this meat.

Do you know what wagyu means? Yep. Wagyu means Japanese meat. Wagyu or Japanese meat is well known for the pattern of the meat fat that looks like marble. The cows are specially treated in the farms. From the food that is given, and how the farmers treat them.

Most of the times the farmers would give the cow a massage and give them sake which referred to as Japanese rice wine, which is an alcoholic drink. The purpose of the farmer giving the cows sake is to produce a good quality of meat. In that case, Wagyu meat is sold with a price of 20 million Indonesian rupiah. It must be the tastiest meat in the world then.

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Those are the 4  popular and most expensive dishes in Japan that you guys should give a try! Even though the prices are very expensive but most people would recommend you to buy them because the prices don’t lie, which means it is worth it.

Japan is a country that is developing very rapidly. It is famous for its Sakura flower and popular for its unique dishes. Who doesn’t want to get a chance to travel there? Get to know Japanese culture especially learn the Japanese language.

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